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 Using the Computer Lab is a Privledge.
Abuse it...Lose it

General Guidelines:


Students may only use the computer lab for school related activities.

  • Students must not use the computers for email, chat rooms, or shopping.
  • Students must not access inappropriate material from the Internet.
  • Students must not receive or display offensive messages, images or materials.
  • Students must not access any computer or data without permission.


Students are responsible for all actions done on their computer.


  • Students must only log into the school student accounts.
  • Students must maintain, protect, and remember their passwords.
  • Students must save all their work.
  • Students must close down their programs when class is over.
  • Students must turn off MONITOR at the end of class.
  • Students should inform the Teacher of any observed hardware or software failures.


Students must respect all other students using the computer lab.


  • Students must keep their work area clean and orderly.
  • Students must not interfere or tamper with anyone else's work or computer.
  • Students must not disrupt, or harass other students in the lab.
  • Students should inform the Teacher of any observed misbehavior or vandalism.


Students must not plagiarize material from the internet or other sources.


  • Students must properly reference all material found on the Internet.
  • Students must not submit another student's academic work as their own.
  • Students must not use or copy any unauthorized software or data.


Students must not misuse or abuse the computers or other resources.


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